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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Team

Mr Steve Cox - Headteacher
Miss Hilary Powell - Assistant Headteacher
Mr Carl Anning - Assistant Headteacher

Admin Staff

Mrs Wendy Morby - Admin Officer
Mrs Ann Pamment - Recepionist
Miss Lin Bridgwater - Receptionist
Mr Roy Houghton - ICT Network Technician

Year 3 Team

Miss Dingley Year Leader, Class 1 Teacher
Mrs Barber Class 2 Teacher
Miss Mehta Class 3 Teacher
Mrs Garrod - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Betteridge - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gill - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Mrs Watts - Year Leader, Class Teacher
Mr Lock - Class Teacher
Miss Bond - Class Teacher
Mrs Fosbraey - Class Teacher
Miss Saunders - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gibson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Mason - Teaching Assistant, ELSA
Mrs Smart - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Mr Clark Year 5 Leader, Class 13 teacher
Mrs Banerjee - Class Teacher
Mrs Briggs Class Teacher
Mrs Gregory - Teaching assistant
Mrs Barrington - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Barrass - Teaching Assistant, ELSA

Year 6 Team

Mr Anning - AHT, Year Leader, Class Teacher
Miss Morby - Class Teacher
Mrs Hutson - Class teacher
Mrs Tomassi - -Class Teacher
Mrs Spark - Class Teacher
Mrs Stella Stevens - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Singh - Teaching assistant
Ms Liddle - HLTA

Class 8 Team

Miss Hilary Powell - Class 8 Teacher, SENCO
Mrs Vaughan - Class 8 teacher
Mrs Carol Munday - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Caroline Roberts - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Teresa Soper - Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Jan Finch - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Annette Kitchen - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Caroline Roberts - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Theresa Barrass - Lunchtime Assistant

Site Management Team

Mr John Troke - Site Manager
Ms Brenda Wilton - Cleaner
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