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Fun experiments to do at home.


Here are some science experiments that can be done using items that can normally be found around the house.  If you can, why not send us a picture when you have a go at the experiment.


Remember to ask permission before doing these experiments and get an adult to help you.  Think carefully about your health and safety and remember to follow the normal rules to keep you safe when having fun with science.



This term we have been looking at shadows in Science. Why not have a go at making shadow puppets with your hands.

How many different animals can you make?

What happens when you move the light source further away from your hand?

What happens if you move your hands closer to the wall?

What happens if you change the angle of the light source?


Why not have a go and send us some photos which we can post on this page.


This term we are going to be looking at electricity and circuits.  To start your learning, we would like you to have a look at some videos.  


BBC Bitesize is a fantastic resource for clips and learning.  There are 3 videos on electricity to watch on this site.

These are 

  • What is electricity?
  • What are insulators and conductors?
  • What is power?


Watch these videos and write down any key points you remember from the video.

Now try looking at some videos about drawing an electrical circuit on BBC Bitesize


  • How can you change a circuit?
  • How do you draw electrical symbols and diagrams?


After watching the videos, draw a circuit using the correct symbols.

Once you have explored electrical circuits and symbols, complete the activity below on drawing circuits.

What items use electronic circuits?

Take a walk around your house.  Write down any items that you can find that use electricity to work.

Try to record:

  • what job the item does?
  • when is it used?
  • who uses it?
  • how often is it used?


Which are the most popular electronic items you have in your house? Why do you think they are the most popular?

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