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History Overview

History Curriculum

What is History?

History helps you discover how the world is the way it is today.

arrowHistory helps you develop a wide range of skills such as asking pertinent questions, expressing opinions, processing and interpreting information and  questioning the reliability of sources.


What does it look like at SJS?


History is taught in classes as part of the foundation curriculum. In line with the New Curriculum, the study of British history works chronologically starting with the Stone Age in Year 3 and finishing Viking and Saxon conflict in Year 4. Upper School units focus on World History or themes such as power of monarchs within Britain.


All topics have been planned to develop a range of historical skills in practical ways and to develop enquiry skills. Year groups are encouraged to organise trips, to invite visitors into school or have history days to enrich their history curriculum. A range of primary replica artefacts and secondary resources are used to engage the children in their history learning.


The curriculum uses ideas from the Hampshire History curriculum and follows a stepped approach to learning. The medium term planning is linked to Hampshire progression of skills (see progression document below).



Skills Progression

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