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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Class Teachers:
Miss Mehta Class 4

 Mrs Watts / Mrs Morris / Mrs Barber - Class 5

Miss Dingley - Class 6 (Year Leader)


Teaching Assistants:

 Mrs Gill, Mrs Banerjee & Mrs Barrass


Autumn Themes - Planet Earth; The Anglo-Saxons

Spring Theme - India

Summer Themes -The Vikings


Stubbington Day 4

Today we collected our animal hotels and found 5 visitors! Each group learnt about the different types of mice and their body parts. We took measurements and found out if they were male or female. At the end of the activity we safely and carefully released them where they were found. 

During the afternoon group B took on the Earthquake challenge and most survived the Lava Leap! Group A spent the afternoon pond dipping and identifying the creatures they caught.

Over the week the children have been working in house groups to learn songs, this evening they finally performed them at The S Factor! The children all enjoyed this and it was great to see them working together with children from a different school. 

Stubbington Day 3


Another great day! Escaped the rain so far. Group A this morning assisted at the earthquake site and worked as a team to move the resue equipment through obstacles. They all showed great teamwork. Group B took part in the "Eggstreme Challenge" and worked in teams to protect the eggs form the catapult launch .

This afternoon both groups are building shelters and testing how waterproof they are! We are also setting up animal hotels  and placing them on the Stubbington site to catch small mammals, we will all be checking these in the morning to see if we have had any visitors.

Group B was lucky last night and saw badgers and foxes from the hide.

Stubbington Day Two,


Another wonderful sunny Day!  Today group B went pond dipping  and found many creatures that they examined under microscopes. Group A took part in "The Eggstreme Challenge", where they had to  work as a team to protect an egg from the launch of a catapult. Unfortunately, some eggs did not survive the flight. We then spent a wonderful sunny afternoon at the beach creating rock pools. hunting for fossils and competing in a sandcastle competition. Group B off to the hide tonight in the hope that they are as lucky as group A last night, who saw 6 badgers and 2 foxes.

Stubbington, Day one. 

It's been a good first day, all settled and enjoyed a lovely day at the beach finding out about different shells and the creatures they belonged to. As well as learning about the geography and history of the area. Half the group off to the hide tonight. 

We have had 7 6 4 2 5 Visitors