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Ofsted Autumn 2021


We were pleased to receive an overall rating of ‘Good’ in our recent Ofsted inspection.  Thankyou to the school staff for their continued hard work and commitment which was recognised by the inspection team. The pupils were a credit to the school during the inspection and the visitors commented on their politeness.  Thankyou to the parents who left some positive comments on Parent View and for parents who have been less than satisfied with a few aspects of the school, we hope will will continue to improve in those areas. 

Please read the Ofsted report for a summary of the inspectors’ findings.


September Update 2021


We are delighted that the pupils starting school on Friday 3rd September will find everything operating as normal after the disruption and changes last year and they are ready to experience all the positive experiences that the school offers them.


The staff will continue to undertake comprehensive risk assessments, and strive to ensure the school environment meets all the required standards of good practice.  All areas will be well ventilated, regular hand-washing and the use of hand-gel will be encouraged. The governors continue to oversee the safeguarding arrangements and I am making weekly visits to school to discuss and review the ongoing procedures.  Parents/carers will continue to be updated on a regular basis by the school through Parentmail and newsletters. We would ask that you support the school by following any guidance that has been shared so that all safeguarding procedures in place continue to be effective.


The governors will continue to monitor accountability of how all additional funding is spent and the impact on pupil's emotional health and well being and learning. Our aim is that pupils at Shakespeare Junior School will become lifelong learners who consistently demonstrate our ASPIRE core values.


We believe that by working closely with parents and carers and the wider community the school will be successful in achieving this aim.


Marilyn Bonney

(Chair of Governors)

Annual Report from the Governors of Shakespeare Junior School, September 2021:



Last year the governing body continued to meet regularly to monitor and challenge the school on specific areas identified for improvement and matters related to the effective governance of the school. All the required aspects of school governance were covered although during the second half of the year meetings took place virtually.


Attendance at meetings was good and all governors attended individual or group training sessions face to face or virtually throughout the year to ensure that they continued to develop the necessary skills to be proactive and knowledgeable governors.


The governors have seen, through meetings, interviews, presentations and reports the school has much to celebrate in terms of pupil achievement, behaviour and welfare, strong leadership and management, financial stability and positive hard working, committed staff. 


The governors have regular agenda items considering safeguarding matters and health and safety and a nominated governors carried out annual audits with the school staff. In addition to the safeguarding audit the school worked with the governors to complete the Hampshire Covid-19 Risk Assessment and are satisfied that all safeguarding policies and procedures are in place and effective as necessary.  Monitoring is ongoing with review and amendments to procedures agreed as required.


Pupil attainment outcomes were discussed by governors up to March but due to the circumstances there are no end of year results.  From the autumn term our meetings will resume looking at standards and progress and also at the emotional health and welfare of pupils in detail.  We are pleased to report that the pupils have been totally involved in the design of a dedicated ELSA room.  The governors were delighted to support this project and believe that it will benefit pupils as and when needed.


In order to effectively sustain and monitor these improvements, the governors will receive regular reports from members of the school leadership team, Hampshire Advisory Inspectors and also meet with staff and pupils.


The governors monitored the budget of the school and in March, the 2021 Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) forms were submitted for scrutiny by Hampshire County Council to show that we have secure financial management in place.


Where possible the termly Parent Questionnaire was issued and the school received many supportive comments which the staff were pleased to receive. All concerns were noted and shared with the school leadership team to follow up and address.


We look forward to the very new challenges facing us this year and we will give Steve Cox and the whole staff team our full support.


Please contact the school office if you are interested in becoming a governor at Shakespeare Junior School.


Marilyn Bonney

(Chair of Governors)



Parent Questionnaires

The Governors are working very hard with the school staff, pupils and the Local Authority to ensure that improvements strategies are implemented and sustained. The information that we gather from the Parent Questionnaires is a valuable part of this process. We appreciate the time you take to complete the questionnaires, are always pleased to receive positive comments and your thoughts on where the school could do better.


The Governors always share the results and comments from the questionnaires with the school staff. Where it is appropriate for the school to make improvements, the Governors will monitor and evaluate the changes.

Parent Questionnaire Outcomes 2020/21


Each term the governing body aims to undertake an evaluation of the performance of our school by gathering the views of parents. The table below shows the results of the recent questionnaire.


All feedback we collect helps us to celebrate successes and determine future priorities for school improvement. Outcomes from the questionnaire have been shared with the School Leadership Team.


This year we will continue to ask parents for their views and we very much appreciate the responses from those of you who were able to complete the questionnaire.


Thankyou to the parents who were able to complete the online questionnaire in the spring term.  We received many positive comments which was particularly encouraging during this unprecedented time. 




Marilyn Bonney (Chair of Governors)



Parents' Questionnaire Results Autumn 2020

Parents' Questionnaire Results Spring 2021

Parents' Questionnaire Results Summer 2021 

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