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SJS History Overview




Year 3

Ancient Egypt & civilisations

Stone Age, Bronze Age

Invaders & Settlers

Year 4

World War Two (half term)

Anglo Saxons & Scots settlements

The Vikings

Year 5


Ancient Greeks

Local History Study: The Tudors

Year 6


Britain since 1945

The Mayans

History Curriculum

What is History?

History helps you discover how your world evolved.

arrowHistory helps you develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express your own opinions.

arrowHistory trains your mind and teaches you how to think and process information.

arrowHistory students are rounded individuals who develop an understanding of both past and present.

arrowThe pursuit of historical events and people is fun - a form of time travel!

arrowHistory helps you make sense of most other subjects.

arrowA lack of historical knowledge prevents people from truly understanding the world they live in.

arrowHistory helps you understand the origins of modern political and social problems.

arrowHistory lets you learn how and why people behaved as they did, whether they are Elizabeth I, Hitler or John Lennon...

arrowHistory makes you appreciate that people in the past were not just 'good' or 'bad', but motivated in complex and inconsistent ways, just like us.


Above all - History is fun!


How does it look at SJS?


History is taught in classes as well as in PPA. There will be practical activities as well as activities which combine maths and English. In line with the New Curriculum, the study of British history works chronologically starting with the Stone Age in Year 3 and finishing with post war Britain in Year 6.  


Each year group will have at least one historically related school trip or have a visitor come into school to help with bringing the learning to life. Sometimes whole days are dedicated to learning about the history for example Egyptian Day, Roman Day, Greek Day.


Below are some photos of children enjoying history at SJS.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We have had 4 9 6 7 1 Visitors