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Year 6 from June 1st

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Shakespeare Junior School Yearbook 2020.


One of the activities we are doing at school at the moment is creating Yearbooks.  Everyone who is not at school will also receive one at the end of the year to fill in.  This will include memories, games and information about yourself.


One of the things we would like to do is create an autograph page as it is not possible to go around signing each other's books.  It would be great for everyone to write a message to the rest of the year 6 children in the school - 30 words or less please.  Think carefully about what you want to say - thanks, goodbye and good luck.


If you would like your message to appear in the Yearbook, please email me on by Friday 19th June. 


Mrs Briggs 


We are also trying to put together a presentation of your time at Shakespeare and would like to use as many photographs of you as possible. Mr Anning sent out a photo permission letter to parents. There was no date for return of the permission but we would like this as soon as possible so we can start to put a presentation together- by the end of the week beginning 15th June. Please be aware that  if permission slips are not returned by the date stated we will be unable to use your photograph. It would be lovely to have everyone's picture!


Mrs Hutson

Here is your learning. 



This is based on Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. You could borrow a book from online libraries like Borrow Box, buy a copy online or you can sign up for a free trial to listen to the book online HERE if you would like to complete the work at home. There will also be a weekly spelling list for you to practise and a spelling power point to explain a spelling rule or pattern.There are some Michael Morpurgo videos that you may like to watch HERE



I will upload the maths lessons planned in school. Remember that there are also My Maths activities already on the website.



There will be a range of learning  over the weeks. I will be planning tasks for Ancient Civilisations for History and see what else I can adapt from the teacher's planning to put on the website for you. Remember to keep exercising each day: walk , jog, bike ride, skateboarding, scooters but always maintain social distancing.

There are also resources to help with your learning on the school Resources Website HERE



If you would like to contact me, I'd love to here from you. Please email me, not the other class teachers who will be busy in school, on my Class17 email.


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