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Maths problem of the day 23.4

Writing - setting description 

Guided reading - Task 1 for Holes



Maths problem of the day 21.4

Oak National Academy update. 



Maths problem of the day 20.4

Guided reading - Room 13

Writing - Fronted adverbials homework

Spellings - week 3

Topic - Ancient Greek god 

Reminded about the new MyMaths



As a school, we have introduced a new website called MyMaths. Through this website, we will be setting out a number of lessons a week. These lesson come with instructions and walk through as well as questions that can be done online (there is no need to print anything off!). Your own personal logins should have been sent to you by email, however if you have not received these then feel free to email Mr Clarke ( and he will be able to resend your login details. 

Congratulations to all children who have managed to login and complete the tasks that have been set over the Easter period. So far Class 14 have managed to get the most logins and task completed so a huge well done to them!

20.4 - there have been 3 lessons uploaded: 

introducing improper and mixed number fractions

improper and mixed number fractions

adding fractions

Oak National Academy

Due to the current climate, the government have made a large number of free online resources to support home learning. One of these, that was released on Monday 20th Apri,l was the Oak National academy. This is a website that contains online lessons from teachers focusing on a number of key areas of the curriculum. We will be using this along side MyMaths to support home learning. Unlike Mymaths, the teachers will not be able to see work completed by you at home, so ensure that you email your class teacher updates on work that you have done with a picture if possible. If you follow the link below, you will view the schedule for the week for year 5. Our main focus will be the literacy element; however, I would encourage you to go through and use the maths and the foundations lessons (these foundation subjects are not linked to the foundation subjects we would be doing however contain excellent learning opportunities). 

Please find below a range of activities that you can choose to carry out with your child that link to the learning of Year 5.

We will aim to upload new content throughout the week. 

If you would like to share any work that the children are completing at home or have any enquiries, you can reach your child’s class teacher through the email addresses below. Your child’s class teacher will try their best to respond as quickly as possible and within school hours. If children are creating great work, we may wish to share it on the website – please let us know in the email if you do not want work shared!


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