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Year 4

July 20th - nearly summer holidays!

As it's the last three days of term, we are winding down the online learning. We have missed seeing all of your smiling faces over the last few months but have enjoyed hearing how some of you have been getting on.


We are proud of all of you and how well you have coped during such a strange and difficult time.


As Year 4 teachers, we would like to set you a challenge for the summer. We would love you all to keep up with the reading and times tables practice. In September, we'd love to hear which books were your favourite and if you'd recommend any to other children to read.


If you want to email your teachers with your adventures over the holidays, we'd love to hear from you.


Enjoy the holidays. Rest up and stay safe!

Writing ideas sheet

Foundation Subject ideas

Cereal bars

Make your own cereal bars with the left over cereal than no one normally likes!

Viking Shield pizza

Year 4 challenge! Make sure you send your pictures to your teachers :)

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