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Well-Being and Year 6/7 Transition

It is really important to focus on your well-being at the moment and we will be adding activities to help you with this.  We will also be adding activities to help you to start thinking about the changes that you will be looking forward to in September.  You may find it useful to do these activities with an adult or older sibling.

Do email us if you have any well-being or transition questions.



Yoga poses.


Yoga is a fantastic activity where you move your body into various positions to become more fit and flexible, but it also helps to improve your breathing, relax your mind and promotes positive well being.


Why not have a go at some of these poses.

Try these wellbeing activities.

Mindfulness quotes colouring activities

Why not have a go at these mindfulness quotes colouring activities.  

Transition Passport

Mindfulness challenges.


Try having a go at these mindfulness challenges.

Turning a negative thought into a positive thought.

Sometimes we all have negative thoughts, but we are able to make these better by turning them into positive thoughts.  Have a go at the negative to positive worksheet below and see how easily this can be done.  

20 minute boredom busters

Try having a go at some of these boredom busters.  If you can think of any more, email your teacher and we can add the activity for everyone to try.


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