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Week commencing 18.5.20

Magazine poetry

For this task you will need an old magazine or newspaper which nobody is reading anymore. Flick through and cut out any words/ phrases that stand out to you. Once you have all your words, try to think if any of them fit into a category which could be the theme of your poem. For example, when I looked through my words, the word 'women' stood out to me so I used this as my title. You can then spend some time organising your words until you are happy with the rhythm and appearance of your poem. Remember, not every single word has to make sense and you don't need to write in full sentences!

Writing a Limerick

A limerick is a short, lighthearted poem which has a specific format. Have a look at the example below and then look at the powerpoint to learn more about how to write a Limerick. 

Now, it is your turn to write a limerick! It can be about anything you like and should be as silly as possible! You can use this template to get you started.
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