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Week beginning 1st June

There is no English lesson Monday as there is a PSHE lesson instead about the new systems and rules for school. This is not appropriate for you if you are staying at home but I have uploaded a PDF document about reflecting on the things you have learned or skills that you have developed during lockdown that you may wish to reflect on and complete.


For Guided Reading Monday, you could just think about the front cover,print a front cover of your own from the internet or draw your own cover and make predictions about the book.


There is no maths for Friday at the moment as there is an assessment but I will have to plan something else for you. Watch this space!


The civilisations lesson for History is all there if you wish to have a go. I think it is very interesting to find out about civilisations in the past around The World. Planning the learning has increased my knowledge and understanding hugely. Finding out about the past helps us to understand how and why The World is like it is today.


In school, children will be designing electrical buggies. When I was young, there was a cartoon called Wacky Races . This cartoon has been used as inspiration for your designs. You can try and watch an episode on the internet if you are curious! You may wish to buy some electrical equipment and have a go at a design or just make a push along version with scrap materials. Ask an adult first before you start chopping things up and if you are going to use  sharp instruments like knives and saws! I have added the power point to show what the children will be doing in school.


|Science is based around electrical circuits. You probably will not have electrical circuits materials at home but you could still have a go at some of the reading or written tasks that don't involve practical tasks.


Ancient Civilisations Lesson 1

Science- choose which level of comprehension that you would like to complete. One star sheets are the least complex.

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