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Week beginning 15th June

Hello again Year 6. I think more of you have returned to school this week. I am still uploading most of  the learning that is happening in school for those of you staying at home.

Science this week is completely practical and you would need electrical equipment to make circuits at home so I have not uploaded it. Why don't you look at the couple of links below if you wish to find out more about electricity?

For maths you will need a protractor to measure and draw angles. You may already have one at home or they can be easily and cheaply bought now that most shops are open. Squared paper will also be useful. If you don't have any, you can download some from the internet and print it out.

Computing is about experimenting with iMovie. You will need an iPad to do this at home. The lesson just allows you to explore how to use it. The link below is the one used in class to start you off.



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