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Topic – Vikings

During the summer term Year 4 study the Vikings. Below are some activity ideas you may wish to carry out with your child.

  • Research the Vikings and create an information poster or book
  • Research Viking runes and learn how to write your name
  • Explore Viking long ships (why were they important and how were they built?) and create your own model
  • Research Viking life and draw or create your own Viking home
  • Discover where the Vikings came from and show on a map
  • Find out the types of jobs a Viking would do and create a job advert
  • Design and make your own Viking shield
  • Explore the names of the Viking gods and compare to modern day representations
  • Explore Viking Jewellery and design your own


During this topic we also explore the book ‘How to Train your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. You may wish to read this with your child and have fun designing your own dragons!


Useful websites:

BBC bitesize (

The School Run (

Primary Homework Help (

Other activities to try!


Stubbington Study Centre have adapted some of their great activities so they can be carried out at home. Check them out at:


  • Build a den (inside or out).
  • Create your own volcano (linking to Planet Earth topic from Autumn) using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. You could do this in a cup, or even build your own volcano to try this in!
  • Create your own art gallery on the patio using chalks.
  • Go on a minibeast hunt - can you spot different minibeasts in your garden? Mrs Morris has spotted lots in hers (ladybirds, butterflies, ants, spiders, woodlice and millipedes).
  • Go on a scavenger hunt - how many different items can you find outside?
  • Create a nature bracelet - stick nature to a bracelet as you go for your daily walk (don't pick flowers from other gardens!).
  • Play 'sky spy' - make shapes out of the clouds in the sky. Can you tell a story using the things you can spot?
  • Make nature rubbings (place paper over the top of different textures outside and rub over them with a wax crayon).


We'd love to see some photographs of you doing these things as well as the learning from home you have been doing!

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