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Think Safe

The year 6 pupils participated in the THINK SAFE programme. It is aimed to teach the children how to behave safely and responsibly in potentially hazardous situations.


The programme for the day consisted of seven scenarios  which the children are encouraged to actively participate in,  and these  cover:- 


  • Fire safety - Hampshire Fire and Rescue
  • First Aid - Hampshire Ambulance
  • Road safety - Hampshire County Council
  • Counterfeit goods - Hampshire County Council Trading Standards
  •  Stranger Danger - Hampshire Police
  • Animal Welfare  - how to behave around dogs and general safety with animals - Animal Welfare Officers from Eastleigh Borough Council
  • Handwashing - Officers from Environmental Health at Eastleigh Borough Council
  • Risky Rubbish - Officers from the Recycling Unit of Eastleigh Borough Council
  • Gas Safety
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