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SJS RE Overview




Year 3

Concept: Symbols

Candle Light


Concept: Angels


Concept: Belief

Stories of Jesus


Concept: Ritual

Paschal Candle

Concept: Authority

The Bible


Concept: Good and Evil


Year 4

Concept: Identity

Community and belonging


Concept: Holy

Mary Mother of God

Concept: Sacred

Places of Worship


Concept: Symbol

The cross and the Sikh 5 Ks

Concept: Temptation

Making Choices


Concept: Identity

Community and belonging

Year 5

Concept: Symbol



Concept: Prophecy

The Magi

Concept: Interpretation

How do people perceive God?


Concept: Suffering

Easter Story

Concept: Umma

Introduction to Islam


Concepts: Rites of Passage

The Journey of Life

Year 6

Concept: Symbols

The Three Trees


Concept: Interpretation

Two Birth narratives

Concept: Submission

Muhammad and the Qu'ran


Concept: Resurrection

The Empty Cross

Concept: Salvation

The Good Samaritan


Concept: Stewardship

Creation stories

What is RE?

Religious Education is a statutory part of the curriculum but not part of the National Curriculum. RE makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural developments of children and supports wider community cohesion.


What does it look like at SJS?

Shakespeare Junior School teachers follow the current Hampshire Agreed Syllabus which is Living Difference III.  The process of teaching and learning for each unit is planned using the cycle of enquiry. The content of the curriculum at each key stage is addressed in the breadth of study. 


The RE curriculum is currently under development as some of the medium term plans are being updated to reflect a recent HIAS visit and training that has taken place at our school.




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