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Quick Challenges

How Many?

Click on the link below to take you to this challenge.

How many ways can you add up the pieces of fruit in each picture?

Which way do you think is the quickest?

Which way is the most accurate?


Why not set your own similar challenge for Year 6?  Draw a picture with a number of objects in it.  You could choose animals or your favourite toy. Send us your pictures and we can add them to this page for people to solve.

Box Challenge 


Find five different boxes that you have at home.  Your recycling bin may come in handy.  You could use books instead.


Create different 3D shapes with the boxes.


How many different shapes can you create?

What is the tallest shape?

The one with the shortest width?

The longest length?


You may like to draw your shapes and label the dimensions ( length, width and height).


You may like to take a photograph and send it to you teacher.

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