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Hampshire SGO's Primary Daily Physical Activity Challenge

The Hampshire SGO's Primary Daily Physical Activity Challenge is being launched today. As a network we are asking for your support in promoting this to all pupils. The activities are shown on the word document attached. Pupils/parents of pupils are encouraged to upload their results on the google sheet (see below) as well as sharing their photos and videosvia Twitter and Facebook. Manual recording sheets can also be sent o their local SGO through via email. Every pupil who participates earns a point for their school. We want to get as many pupils taking part as we can and share their experience through Social Media.


The google-docs spreadsheet to be completed and sent via email and video clips of how each of the activities is to be performed will be posted on Twitter and Facebook pages. See the link below:

The main aim of our campaign is to get and keep people moving whilst trying to have some fun!


Later in the week, we will also be adding to the challenges with Fact Finders linked to the Olympic Games - children can win spot prizes by sending back their answers.


We look forward to parents and children sharing photos and videos of all the activities they have taken part in. Don't forget to use the #HSGDailyChallenge in your posts and tweets, as well as tagging your local SGO or Sports Partnerships so they can see what you guys are up to and the impact this challenge is having across Hampshire!

Please participate if you would like to, see the document in the newsletter section for instructions and to fill in information.

Thanks for your continued support in these challenging times!

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