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Please find attached the free Keep Calm and Make Music resources for the fifth week of this term from Hampshire Music Service.


We will continue to send you new music resources for each week of the lockdown period. This week we are sending you two more Weekly Wonders.

  • Weekly Wonder – a themed learning resource designed to be used over several sessions based around a topic or the development of key musical understanding and skills

We hope that you and your children enjoy using these to develop their musical understanding and skills. We encourage you to send these to your children isolating at home as none of these resources are dependent on the children having prior musical knowledge or access to musical resources.


This week’s Keep Calm and Make Music instalments are:

Weekly Wonders:

  • Raindrops for KS1
  • World War 2 - the Blitz for KS2


Each of these is in power point format so you simply need to "load, click and go".

We hope you enjoy sharing these with your children.


Advisory note to parents and teachers: we wanted to make you aware that these powerpoints have links to carefully chosen resources on youtube however we are not able to control the adverts that may sometimes appear at the start of a clip or comments  written underneath.   



All of our free resources to date are now available by following this link or copying and pasting into the address bar when prompted you will need the password musicfun 


The link takes you to a Keep Calm and Make Music webpage that has all of the resources up to half term listed in the order we have sent them out to schools. When you have decided which resource you would like to look at click on the section heading. Please enter the password when prompted and you will see everything in that section and then you can download the resource that you have selected


Please make this link and password available to all your pupils' families so that they can access all of the resources to date at home.


Here is the link to our next Singing Assembly, week 4 -

with Nick duncombe

Other resources you may like to look at are


BBC Ten Pieces At Home - Activities & Interactive Workshops


Out of the ark Music@Home

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.  Keep smiling and Keep calm and continue to make music!

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