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Free School Meal Support

If you are a family who is elligible for free schools meals but not been attending school, HC3S has been making packed lunches for you to collect each day, but only a few families have been taking up this offer.

HC3S are going to try a different way of providing these meals as from next week. They will provide a food parcel for you to collect on a Monday, which will contain enough food for one child to have five lunches for the week. Each box will be made up of - bread; a mixture of ham, cheese, tuna and butter; mixture of yoghurts, rice pots and fruit pots; Apple/orange juice; cake/biscuit; fresh fruit.

We need to know numbers of boxes that we need to provide and therefore, could you please let us know as soon as possible so HC3S can order enough food. We have the lists at school of everyone who is eligible for free school meals, so if you would like to collect one each Monday during school closure, please indicate this by emailing school, or ringing in to let us know, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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