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Current position and September staffing

We have more children in school now and are at maximum numbers for key worker children now in Years 3, 4 and 5. We are therefore unable to take anymore children in Year 3, 4 or 5 at the moment, due to the fact that we are following guidance regarding safe numbers in groups and staffing issues, to ensure that children and staff stay within the same class groupings, including covering staff for relaease time for planning, so that staff members only stick to the group they are allocated, to avoid any possibility of cross contamination between groups.

Logistically this is difficult too, arranging for staggered start and end times, breaktimes and areas to play in at lunchtimes, to ensure again that groups do not interact with each other. We are aware that many people will be returning to work soon and will need some way to get to work whilst their chidlren are still at home, but we cannot accomodate anymore children from Years 3, 4 or 5 at this time.

We asked Year 6 parents to indicate whether their children would be coming in and have allocated all of these children groups to work in and these are filling up now too. If you said your child might come in and haven't yet, please let us know what your plans are.

The Year 6 team have been working hard to accomodate for more children in school and also planning for those at home. They have also been spending time working with secondary colleagues to discuss transition to secondary. they have spent time filling in spreadsheets for secondaries and also zoom calling for many hours to discuss each of your children, so that we can give them as much information as we can before they move up to secondary school.

We have also been thinking about September and hoping that we are able to return in full then. When we do return, we have thought carefully about whcih teachers we put in which year groups and also considered classes for next year. we have made the decision that all classes will move up together and not mixed up this year, the children have been through enough turmoil and so we think it would be best for them to return together as a class.

In Year 3 next year, Miss Dingley will lead the year group with Miss Mehta and Mrs Barber. These classes will be sorted through transition discussions with the Infant school and Year 2 parents will be contacted soon to let them know which teacher their children will be having.

In Year 4 next year Mrs Watts will be leading the team and the current Class 2 will be joining her in class 6

Mr Lock will be in Year 4 in class 4 and will recieve the current Class 3, with Miss Bond and Mrs Fosbraey in class 5 who will be taking the current class 1.

In Year 5, Mr Clarke will be Year leader and take the current class 4 into class 13. He will be joined by Mrs Banerjee in class 12, who will take the current class 5, with Miss Flack taking current class 6 into class 14.

In Year 6, Mr Anning will lead the team, with Miss Morby in Class 17, taking the current class 13. Mrs Hutson and Mrs Tomassi will be in class 16, taking the current class 14, with Mrs Spark and Mrs Morris taking current class 12 into Class 15.

I hope this makes sense and you can then inform your children which teachers they will be having in September to prepare them. Staff will meet together to share information and look forward to meeting their new classes hopefully in September.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Cox

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