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Make you own Instrument


Why not have a go at creating your own instrument at home?


Have a go at designing a percussion instrument that sounds like the wind or rain and you can decorate it with this theme.


Here are a list of resources that you could use to create your instrument.

Kitchen towel roll

Empty box

Rice or pasta

Tape or glue

Elastic bands

Tissue paper or wrapping paper


Please send us a picture of your instrument as we would love to see them.


Listen to your favourite piece of music


Choose a piece of music that you really enjoying listening to.  It may be a piece that you enjoy singing or dancing to.


Click on the link below from BBC Biteszie to help you answer these questions.


Think carefully about why you like that piece of music so much.

Name of the piece of music?

Artist or composer?

Does it have a catchy rhythm?

Is the melody (tune) easy to remember?

Do you keep singing it even when you aren't playing it?

Is it fast or slow?  This is called the tempo.

Loud or quiet? This is called dynamics.

Happy, sad or both?  Music that sounds happy is in a major key. Music that is sad is in a minor key.  A piece a music can have elements both of these.

What instruments can you hear?

What is the structure of the piece of music?  Does it have a chorus that keeps repeating?





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