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Modern Languages

SJS French Overview




Year 3


(All about me)


Jeux et chansons (Games and songs)

On fait la fête (Celebrations)




Les quatre amis

(The four friends)

Year 4

L'argent de poche (Pocket money)

Vive le sport!

(Our sporting lives)


Le Carnaval de Animaux (The carnival of the Animals)

Le Carnaval de Animaux (The carnival of the Animals)


Quel temps- fait-il?

(What's the weather like?)

Year 5

Bon appétit, bonne santé

(Healthy eating)


Je suis le musician

(I am the music man)

En route pour l’école

(On the way to school)

Year 6

Les planètes

(The planets)


Notre école

(Our school)


Monter un café

(Setting up a café)

French Curriculum

What is French?

French allows the children to learn a modern foreign language that sets the foundations for further foreign language teaching at key stage 3.  The teaching provides an appropriate balance of spoken and written language; enabling pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in French and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing.


What does it look like at SJS?

At Shakespeare Junior School, French is taught on a weekly basis as part of the timetabled curriculum.  It is taught through a variety of spoken and written activities, games and songs.

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