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Each week we will be setting new tasks for you to complete on mymaths. We will also continue to add some short challenges here if you would like to try them.  Remember that these activities are set as a guide. There is no set amount of work that we expect you to complete each week. 


Update - We have listened to your feedback and you will now find an extra work section and an easier work section to help you keep practising your skills.


Please email your class teacher if you are having any problems or have any questions.





MyMaths -  Week beginning 27th April.


Please look at the example of how to answer a multiplication from MyMaths that has been set this week.  Please contact you teacher if you have any further questions.


Extra Work - Some of you have requested some more maths work so we will regularly add some extra work for you to do if you would like to. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like work on a specific area of maths.

100 Challenge

What is the total when you add up all the numbers from 0 to 100 eg 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 etc?

Can you spot a shortcut?



This website has some fantastic short challenges for you to try.

BODMAS - We know that lots of you have enjoyed BODMAS so try these activities.


Mental Maths Challenges

It is a great idea to keep practising your mental maths strategies at home.  There are five different levels and lots of different topics to try. You can set yourself a time challenge.  Keep a record of your answers on a piece of paper and then you can check them at the end.

Let us know which levels you have tried.


Try this party planning maths activity.

Zids and Zods

Try this problem solving activity about Zids and Zods

Spot the shape.

Try to solve this problem involving triangles and squares.

A bit fishy

Try to solve this problem about the price of fish.

Age problems.

Try to solve this problem about the age of different people

Addition and subtraction practice.


Have a go at these addition and subtraction equations.  

Measurement problems.


Have a go at these six measurement problems.

Simplifying fractions.


Have a go at these problems involving simplifying fractions.

Ratio problems


Have a go at solving these problems involving ratio.

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