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We have been studying woods and forests this term. We have looked at different types of forests and your challenge is to design your own forest. You can draw a picture, write about it or do both. Alternatively, you could find out about a real forest and create a fact file. Remember to send us your ideas.


Here are some questions to get your started.

Where is your forest?

What is the climate like?

What size is it?

What types of animals live there?

What types of plants grow there?

Is it under threat?

What activities take place in it?

What is unique about it?

Marwell Zoo Webcam Mini Project


Why not visit the Marwell Zoo website and take a look at their webcams.  You could create your own mini project at home about one of the animals.  You may like to show your ideas on a mind map.  You could draw or stick a picture of your chosen animal in the centre.

Where are they found around the world?

What is the climate like where they live?

What do they eat?

Do they have any predators?

Find out three facintating facts about your animal.

Remember to send us your fantastic work.

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