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Extra writing tasks

Keep a Diary:

During these strange and uncertain times, you may find it helpful to keep a diary. This is also a good way to record all the fun activities that you might be doing at home! When you are older, it will be great to look back at what you were doing during this time. You may not want to share your diary with us, but do keep us updated with what you are getting up to. Remember we are all here for you!

Macbeth activities:

Recently at school, we were looking at Shakespeare's play, Macbeth. Here are a range of activities you could complete that are linked to Macbeth.  You may want to re-watch The Animated Tales version of Macbeth to remind you of the story- it gets quite confusing after all! You can find the video through this link:


1. Create a comic book version of Macbeth. You will need to think carefully about the key parts of the story. What might each character be saying?


2. Re-write part of the story of Macbeth with an alternative ending. Who else could end up as King? What might happen to the witches? Be creative.


3. Create a character profile for any of the characters in the play. Draw what you think they might look like. Around your drawing, add details of their involvement in the story. What might they be thinking at different points? 

Use these pictures as prompts for a piece of writing:

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