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Day 4



Wow I can’t believe we are coming to the end of the week. Last night and I’ve already heard several children say they don’t want to leave, equally I have heard children who can’t wait to get home to see their pets/xbox/bed (and parents of course).


This morning the groups did the opposite activity to yesterday. The pond group had a fabulous time, in fact one loved it so much that they decided to take a little dip! Don’t worry though, all safe and dry with no harm to any animals. The egg group were fantastic with their challenges and managed to earn enough coins to get some fantastic padding for their eggs. Again, only one broke and they were all super proud of themselves.


This afternoon we all went down to the beach and created mini rockpools which were fascinating. The children filled them with all sorts of sea creatures who left little trails across the bottom. They then created amazing sandcastles in the sandcastle competition (which the adults were robbed!!!) and added sand sculptures of beasts to protect them.


Home tomorrow! See you soon

Day 4

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