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Day 3

Hello there!


Well what a lovely day for ducks, I am so glad we had so many outside activities today… So yesterday all children set little humane traps in the woods in the hopes of catching some small furry animals. Low and behold this morning three creatures were caught! A vole, a mouse and a shrew! After the children names them, they took measurements of each animals, weighed them and drew them.


This afternoon one group did the pond study and managed to catch some very interesting pond creatures and the other group attempted the egg-treme challenge in which they had to complete several challenges to earn coins which they could then spend on materials to protect their egg. Once protected the egg was catapulted into the air then checked to see if it survived. 3 out of 4 eggs remained intact so well-done teams. Tomorrow the groups will swap activities.


Tonight, its wide games then showers and bed. We are hoping for another excellent night from the children!

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