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Wacky Races.


This term in D.T. we normally make 'Wacky' Cars and race them.  To start us of, we would like you to design a 'Wacky' car that we could make at school (if we get back in time).  If you need inspiration, search for 'Wacky Races' on the internet and have a look at the different cars they used in the cartoon.  Use the sheet below as a template and design your ultimate 'Wacky' vehicle. 

Design a Wacky Car for a monster.

Try this activity to design a car for a monster.

Design a vehicle for another planet.

Try to design a buggy to be used on another planet - Mars.  Have a look at the information about the planet and think about what the vehicle will need to have, as well as the final visual design.

Design a different type of vehicle.

Have a go at designing a bicycle.  How could you make it the perfect bike for you?  Or think about designing it for a different person - how could you make it special for them?

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