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Click on the BBC Biteszie link below to watch some interesting videos about computing.


Internet Safety


It is very important to stay safe whilst using the internet. At school we have our own SJS rules to keep you safe.  Your task is to create a child friendly set of rules to keep children safe when using the internet at home. You may like to design a poster.  Please remember to send your ideas to your teacher.


Create a Rainbow Video Diary or Photo Gallery


Everyone can try this task.  If you have a smartphone or tablet you can use it to create your video diary or gallery.  If you don't have either of these you can design a storyboard to record your ideas.


We would like you to find a way to record what you have been doing through this unique time at home with your family.  It would be great to create something positive that you can look back at when life returns to normal to remind you of what you did and how you were feeling.


At home, we have been taking lots of photographs so that when we get back to normal we can remember the fun things we did and not just remember that we were stuck at home and couldn't see our friends!


Things you might like to record

Work you are proud of such as art projects.

Fun games or challenges you have tried.

Screen shots of video calls with friends or family to show how you stayed in touch.

Interesting things you may have found on a walk.

You could video your family telling you about their thoughts and feelings.


We hope you have fun creating these.










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