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You may like to try some relaxing art activities at home. 

Create a portrait.

Try following this step by step guide on drawing a portrait.  Why not think about someone you can not see at the moment and try to draw them.

Duplication drawing activity

This activity will help you practice your fine drawing skills.  You just need to copy the design in the box below.  Try to be as accurate as possible - why not take a photo of the finished result and send it to your teacher

Light and Dark Shading

Shading activity 4.


Now that you have had practice at shading different shapes and using different techniques, why not draw a simple picture and shade it in.  Be creative with your basic picture, it could be anything from a bowl of fruit to a child playing at the beach.  Don't forget to take a photo of your finished piece and email it to your teacher.  

Shading activity - Mayan temples.


In the Autumn term we looked at the Mayan Civilisation and thought about their temples. Now that you are experts at shading, we would like you to have a go at drawing a Mayan temple and shading it in.  Try to only use one pencil for your whole picture and add the detail using the different shading techniques you have practiced.  There are some pictures of Mayan temples below, but search online for more inspiration if you need it.

Zen Doodling

Some of you may remember trying these in class earlier in the year. They are very relaxing and great for all the family to try. They are a great way to develop your drawing skills. The link below will get your started. Please send us your designs.



Georgia O'Keefe Art - We have recently used some oil pastels to create pictures of flowers in the style of Georgia O'Keefe.  Click on the file below to find some pictures of flowers that you can draw. 

One Line Drawing


Create a drawing of an animal using just one line.  You must complete your picture without taking your pencil off the page using one continuous line.  We would love to see your ideas so please email them to us.


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